ASM America

Design/build of a 2,100 SF Class 1 Antistatic Clean Room with depressed antistatic raised floor, including Ionizers, and a 12,000 SF Class 10,000 Clean Room support area with an extensive maintenance catwalk. New standalone 810 SF Class 1, Div 2 masonry gas bunker requiring explosion vents and doors, complete grounding grid system and a gas detection system. Exterior design includes radius canopy feature and split face banded block to soften the appearance. The clean room and gas bunker processes include semiconductor gases run in stainless steel and hastelloy pipe from multiple gas cabinets, bulk delivery gas systems, multiple FRP dry and point of use scrubbers and a double contained waste system.
ASM Epitaxy manufactures capital equipment for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) film processes used in the semiconductor industry. The centerpiece of this facility is a 3,300 SF applications laboratory which showcases demonstrations of ASM’s Epsilon line of epitaxial reactors. The project required installation of sophisticated mechanical and process piping systems, as well as state-of-the-art automated mechanical controls. The cooling system features a 60-ton chiller. This design/build project also features a Class 100 clean room.

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