PowerParasol @ Fry’s Marketplace

This PowerParasolTM structure at Fry’s Marketplace on 27th Avenue and Bell Road is a fully open steel structure that stands 25-feet above the existing parking lot and shades 166 parking spaces. The structure, situated on 1.6 acres of parking lot, supports 1,936 300-watt photovoltaic panels generating 580 kW of energy (1,013,000 kW/Hr/Year) that serves this Fry’s store. All existing pole mounted lights beneath the structure were replaced with new overhead fluorescent fixtures. Minor modifications to existing islands was necessary to accommodate the new structure’s base, and a complete slurry seal and restriping of the parking lot was included in the project. Along with the new electrical generating equipment, the existing and outdated Service Entrance Section of the store was replaced with new equipment during a single night to minimize impact to store operations. All of this work was completed in a four-month schedule while Fry’s remained open for business.

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