Sneaky Big Studios

  • SBS_Stage_1_A
  • SBS_Main_Lobby_B
  • SBS_Recording_Studio
  • SBS_Production_Control_Room_A
  • SBS_Stage_2
  • SBS_Color_Correction_A
  • SBS_Bullpen
  • SBS_Editing_Room_B
  • SBS_Green_Room_V2
  • SBS_Hair_Makeup
  • SBS_Audio_Control_Room
  • SBS_Conference_Room
  • SBS_Client_Amenities_Kitchen
Tenant improvement buildout on the first floor of a new two-story building for Sneaky Big Studios, a new world-class advanced production facility. This state-of-the-art facility, one of only 20 like it in the world, houses two (2) versatile sound stages and fully integrated systems for television or commercial shoots, press conferences and music videos. Features of this space include an audio recording studio, five (5) editing suites, full digital media processing suite and control room capable of live broadcast production. The facility's main feature, a 4,200 SF video production studio sound stage, includes 12’x15’ loading doors that can accommodate up to a semi-truck, four-inch floating floor and a completely silent 80-ton A/C system so that users can stay cool during shooting. It includes client amenities such as a green room, hair / make-up and full dressing room with showers. Each studio and editing suite was constructed to be completely isolated from its surrounding space, achieving NRC 20-25 specifications. This studio is equipped with the most technically advanced equipment available today in the areas of audio/visual, editing, post-production and virtual reality.

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