WL Gore

New construction of a state-of-the-art facility that includes 50,000 SF of surgery centers, pre- and post-operative and recovery rooms, and support areas for sterilization, angiography, radiology, ultrasound and imaging. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are housed in a second story interstitial space to accommodate maintenance requirements without contamination of the clean rooms below. Snow and high-altitude temperatures throughout the winter created special challenges in meeting the fast-track construction schedule.
An additional phase featured the expansion and remodel of the Histology Lab and Science Center, including a two-story 20,000 SF addition and approximately 5,000 SF remodel. The first floor of the addition includes offices and conference rooms for lab staff and additional lab area. The second floor was designed for 250-pound loading for either future heavy storage or additional office / lab space to provide for the future needs of the Owner.

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